Candidate Statement – Scott Gayler

In 2013 I completed my first triathlon. I crossed the finish line to the cheers of my immediate family and a few stragglers.

Last year, I found the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon group one week before the Issaquah triathlon. In my first race with this team (after attending one meetup) I learned what a difference it makes having a team on-course cheering. I ended the race to the cheers not just of my immediate family but to the cheers of my new teammates that have become my extended family.

 I’ve learned that when training with a group I have the ability to push that little bit harder, to go a bit longer. Group training gives you extra accountability. The shared suffering among friends makes it easier to go on that ride or run in horrible weather.

One of my favorite things about this team is we stay at the race until everyone finishes their race.

I would like to see our club continue to grow its core membership. I believe the key to this  is focusing on offering consistent training opportunities for all skill levels and distances.

By setting a small number of local races that we set as team “A” races; we will prevent spreading ourselves so thin. Ultimately, this will end up with a more enjoyable race experience for all attending.

At the end of it all, this should be fun. Let’s swim, bike, run, and play together and make 2016 an amazing year for Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group.

Scott Gayler