Common Activities & Events

We host triathlon activities and training events year-round, although there are many more options available during the summer when the weather is warmer and extended daylight hours make morning and evening activities easier to host. Here’s a taste of some of our most popular recurring events:

Virtual Zwift Rides

When Seattle gets cold and dark, we don’t stop riding – we just head indoors! We’re hosting two Zwift rides weekly (Monday evenings and Thursday mornings) during the off season. We use a no-drop format so your workout will be matched to your ability, and as long as you keep pedaling you’ll stay with the group. We use discord for voice chat while riding.

Mid-Morning Runs

We join our sister organization, the Seattle Green Lake Running Group, for their weekly mid-morning runs every Saturday year-round. We don’t hold it against them if they aren’t interested in swimming or cycling!

HTFU (Hills to Fly Up)

During the summer, we host a weekly hill climb/power development workout. Come prepared for 60 to 90 minutes of steep hills and/or hard efforts where we seek out some of the steepest roads in Seattle to climb!

GLOWS (Green Lake Open Water Swim)

Perhaps the activity that started the group in the first place; join us for a swim in Green Lake! We meet at the bench/cove just north of the lifeguard area and then swim for any distance you like (easily swim up to 1 mile). A brightly colored swim cap, a buoy for safety and a wet suit are all highly recommended. This regular event happens at least weekly during the summer, and depending on the number of volunteer event hosts we have, sometimes we’ll add more than one event per week, as well as early morning options.

SLOWS (Sammamish Landing Open Water Swim)

For folks that live on the eastside (Bellevue and beyond) that find it hard to make it to Green Lake, a group of us regularly hosts an eastside-friendly option in Lake Sammamish Landing Park – we meet at the closet picnic tables near the dock and then swim for any distance you like (easily swim up to 1 mile). Like GLOWS, this tends to happen during the warmer months.

Local Triathlon Course Previews

For some of the local races, we host course previews for new triathletes to get a feel for the course before race day. Enjoy the chance to practice your transitions, see the swim start/finish, ride the bike course and run as much of the run course as you’re ready to run.

Team Socials

Join us for a decidedly less sweat-inducing get-together every 1-2 months where we’ll enjoy some food, drink, and opportunity to talk shop with other members.

Don’t see what you want? Help us host!

All our activities happen thanks to members that have volunteered to become event leaders. Whether you have an adhoc or recurring event you’d like to have others join you for, once you’re trained as an event leader you’re welcome to add to the list of activities. In the past we’ve hosted swims at Madison Park, rides along the Centennial Trail and through Carnation