Board and Leadership Team

President: Chuck Ayers

Vice President: Chris Hatfield

Chris has been involved since the beginning!

How I got started: I was a runner looking for more. I meet a few people from the run group for my first swim and I loved it. That lead to my first race and I was hooked. Without the people in this group I wouldn’t be an Ironman.

Why I want to be on the leadership team: Over the years I have loved what this group has become. Not just a triathlon team but a family that is there for each other, trains together, motivates each other and helps each of us grow into better people. This last year I was lucky enough to meet a new triathlete and help him to his first two races, now he’s signed up for a half iron. Helping him made me realize how much more I have to give back to this team and the sport of triathlon.

Treasurer: Sandra Harvie

Secretary: Robin Hayes

My name is Robin and I have been a triathlete for 2 years. I started triathlon because I hated living in fear and letting it control me. I started triathlon to prove to myself that when you take the time to overcome fears and unknowns, it creates a better, stronger, more well rounded person. I love Triathlon’s for that fact!

And the family, I have found an entire new family in triathlon. Between wanting to better myself and fostering my new found friends, I will not stop pushing myself in the triathlon world.

I have been lucky enough to make 70.3 world championships and am going for my first full (talk about facing fears).
I believe I can bring all of this to SGLT, I love helping others face their fears whether it is a first time tri or trying to get better/faster/stronger. I also firmly believe in the family, we need to continue a strong family for those that are here, as well as brining new members in. We are lucky to have such a strong group already, I want to continue the legacy!
I know I wouldn’t have had the success that I have had without this group and those I have met. I want to continue to foster those friendships (and what ever else may come from them :)) and be a support for those who need it.
I hope to be considered to be a leader in SGLT, and I hope to be able to live up to the standards of SGLT.

Event Coordinator: Dylan Parris

Selfie of Dylan at the Red Barn at the northernmost end of the Centennial Trail.

Community Outreach Committee Chair: Jonathan Goodman

I have been a member of SGLTG for the past 3-4 years. I haven’t been able to attend trainings and events as often as I would have liked, but I have enjoyed the comraderie and support of the group throughout my tenure. Because of that, I would like to offer my time/service to the group as a member of the board. I’m still not sure that I will be able to attend events as often as I would like, but I hope that I can contribute to the ongoing efforts to keep the group alive and thriving.

I don’t have IT skills to offer, as I am pretty novice in that area, but I have worked as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, researcher/auditor, and been a teacher/trainer over the 30 years of my career. I’m not exactly sure how that translates, but I’m hoping that you would find me useful.

As for athletically, I am mostly a runner, but I love cycling as well. I tolerate swimming, though my skills there are novice at best. I have completed many half marathons, a couple full marathons, a handful of indoor triathlons, 2 sprints, and 1 olympic triathlon. I still consider myself a beginner as a triathlete, but I’m beginning to enjoy the challenge of the different disciplines put together.

Sponsorship & Business Development Committee Chair: Scott Krieder

I’m originally from Ohio, but spent a few years in Nebraska and Chicago before finally making my way out to Seattle. I’ve always been an avid distance runner, and got into Triathlon after my wife and I finished a few half marathons together.

I love triathlon because 1) I’m a data nerd and it lets me geek out with the numbers, 2) I get to travel to some of the most beautiful places to race, 3) I get to meet some amazing people who continue to inspire me.

I’ve learned a ton since I joined SGLTG from all of my awesome teammates! I still have a lot to learn, but I’m excited to start giving back to the team!

Thomas Risse

Thomas Risse on his TT bike "Brutus." The bike has a yellow-on-black honeycomb design pattern.

Tell us about yourself:  I’m an age grouper triathlete who enjoys triathlon as a sport and the people attracted to it.  They are positive and root for everyone to do their best.  I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in distances from sprint to full ironman.  People who know me, know I love to race and would rather attend a race than train any day.  Racing is fun!  

In a race, the swim is the hardest part for me.  I’m always happiest on land, with the run being my favorite.  Though the bike is a close second.  And I love a quick transition between disciplines too.

What do you like about Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group (SGLTG):  It provides a community of people with similar interests to enjoy those interests together.  The club is accepting of all people, for who they are.  And it doesn’t matter whether you’re attempting your first sprint triathlon or doing your 10th Ironman…whether you’re first or last or even not able to finish.  The point of the club is to support each other and provide activities, events, opportunities to learn, socials and all around love of multisport.

Tell us about one of your favorite races so far: One of my favorite races was Lake Tye sprint.  They started the “over 40s” first and for part of the race, I was leading the entire race.  Ultimately I did get passed, but it was pretty fun to be the leader for a bit.  I love the big races like Ironman puts on, but there is something really special about local races with local organizers and lots of people you recognized and can cheer each other on.

What is a life lesson that you think triathlon helps teach:  That even in adversity, you just keep pushing forward.  And with hard things come great reward.  If it was easy, we wouldn’t feel the sense of accomplishment we do!