How to Reach Us

There are tons of ways that you can connect with members of the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group!


We post all of our events, trainings (swims, bikes, runs, brick workouts, strength training meetups), free clinics, race previews, and races to Be sure to join Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group on Meetup and participate in our events!

Team Meetings

Monthly Team meetings are scheduled on our Meetup site for the first Monday of the month at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers at Green Lake.

Facebook Group

Connect with SGLTG via this Facebook Group. This is the easiest way to see the latest news, events, and directly connect with our members!

Facebook Page

See our official Facebook page, open to everyone to see latest news and events for the group.


Check us out on Twitter.


To contact SGLTG Board/Leadership team, please email us at [email protected].

Events Committee 

Are you interested in leading an event or helping to coordinate training for the team? Please contact the Events Coordinator at [email protected]. You must be a paid member to be an event leader for the group. You also need to login to the members only-home page and fill out the form to become an event leader.

Community Outreach & Volunteering Committee 

We also have a Community Outreach Committee. Each year we pick a volunteer opportunity that gives back to the community. For example, in 2015, we donated to Hope For Ryan, for a young man who was suffering from a TBI after being hit by a car riding his bike. In 2016, we are looking at working with Seattle Children’s to help parents of sick kids get some exercise. Throughout the season we volunteer at race events and need volunteers to help them run smoothly. Are you interested in volunteering? Or do you have an opportunity to make SGLTG more involved in the community? Please contact the Community Outreach Committee Leader at [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your service and support!

Sponsorship & Business Development Committee

Do you have an idea for a sponsor? Or a relationship you’d like to introduce to SGLTG? Please contact the Sponsorship Committee Chair at [email protected]

Communications Committee

Do you have something you want to go in a newsletter or communicate out to the team? Do you want to be involved in the Communications Committee? Please contact the Communications Committee Chair at [email protected].