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Most of our activities are free and open to the general public, and you’ll find a lively, free-to-access community and events on Facebook and Meetup. Our goal is to offer free group training and support to triathletes of all levels and abilities. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, come out and join us!

We do have some additional benefits for those that join us as paid supporters. As we’re in the midst of a transition to the Seattle Triathlon Group, we’re not accepting new paid memberships for this organization any longer – we hope instead you’ll join us over at

For those that were paid members in 2023, we’ve extended your membership here without charge so that you may participate in the transition processanticipate voting on the articles of dissolution in the next few months.

Paid members will have access to:

  • Discounts with our sponsors
  • Discount codes to races
  • Club gear store
  • Club gear store
  • USAT participation accident insurance coverage
  • Participation and discounts to club clinics
  • Take part in shaping the club by being a voting member at our club meetings
  • Fun!