Who We Are:

The Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group (SGLTG) is a non-profit organization in the Seattle area offering group events to local triathletes and multi-sport enthusiasts. The goal of SGLTG is to offer free group training and support to triathletes of all levels and abilities, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran.

What We Do:

Free group open water swims, cycling and running are offered throughout the week. We compete together at events throughout the year, including sprint, Olympic, half and full IRONMAN distances.

SGLTG members help each other, train together and share tips and information about the ins and outs of triathlons.

Become a Member:

Registered members have access to:

  • USAT participation accident insurance coverage
  • Discount codes to races
  • Discounts with our sponsors (see sgltg.org)
  • Club gear store
  • Participation and discounts to club clinics
  • Take part in shaping the club by being a voting member at our club meetings

To become a member, register online:



Join our Facebook group to share articles, tips and advice with other members and learn more about social events, and follow us on Twitter at @GoSGLTG.


If you’d like to see our IRS Tax Filings please use the Contact Us form to send us an email requesting them and for which years. We will send you a PDF copy of them.