Member Registration

Important Note: For 2024, we are transitioning to an annual membership that lasts 1 year from the date that you join. (2023 and prior years was a calendar-year basis, so joining in November/December would only give you 0-2 months of membership.) We don’t yet have that process working, so in the meantime we’ve turned off the ability for new members to join us or for existing members to renew. We hope to have the new system online in early 2024.

If we do not have the ability for members to renew by January 1st, we plan to temporarily extend existing memberships until the new system is ready.

Paid members have access to:

  • USAT participation accident insurance coverage
  • Discount codes to races
  • Discounts with our sponsors (see
  • Club gear store
  • Participation and discounts to club clinics
  • Take part in shaping the club by being a voting member at our club meetings

In order to streamline participant waiver signatures at events, we are asking that members read and sign the ELECTRONIC participant waiver. You will need to be logged in to sign it AFTER the member registration process is paid and complete.  Paid members only need to sign the waiver once per calendar year, non-paid members will need to sign the waiver for each individual event attended. The Paid Member and Non-Paid Member waivers are separate forms. Checking the box below to complete your registration only states that you have read and agree to the participant waiver it does NOT sign it for you.

The paid member participant waiver will need to be signed annually.

The participant waiver can be found here: