Seattle Triathlon Group Transition FAQ

Why the change from the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group (SGLTG) to the Seattle Triathlon Group?

  • While the SGLTG was founded as an offshoot of the Seattle Green Lake Running Group, membership and activities have grown far beyond Green Lake. Removing “Green Lake” from the name will create a broader appeal to the group and a more inclusive organization.
  • The group has a number of athletes who compete nationally and internationally; the name Seattle Triathlon Group will “travel” much better.
  • A geographically broader name will make the group more attractive to sponsors and partners.

Why was a new entity created instead of changing the name of the existing one?

  • The Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group (SGLTG) was created as a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation, rather than a Public Charity. The Private Foundation setup restricted the group from participating in most corporate charity matching programs, and significantly increased the cost and complexity of filing tax returns. The Seattle Triathlon Group (STG) is a Public Charity.
  • In addition, starting from a clean slate made it easier from an administrative standpoint (e.g. cleaning up bylaws to make sure they meet latest WA state guidance).

What will happen to the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group (SGLTG) legal entity?

The SGLTG board has started the process of dissolution of SGLTG. STG will become the new legal entity under which we will operate moving forward. Over the coming months, the board will work to wind down SGLTG and plans to donate its assets to STG. If you’re a current member of SGLTG, anticipate voting on the articles of dissolution in the next few months.

Can I still sign up with SGLTG?

The SGLTG is no longer accepting new members, and recommends joining the Seattle Triathlon Group which will be coordinating all events going forward. Click here to join the STG.

Is the community changing?

No, the group’s community spirit and camaraderie remain unchanged. We’re still the same great community of triathletes. Our annual events calendar remains robust. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events.

Will membership requirements change?

We welcome all triathletes, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your triathlon journey.

Membership price will increase from $10 per year, which has remained unchanged since the group was formed in 2014, to $25 per year. This reflects our increased operating cost and better reflects the value offered by the membership including discount codes to races, access to sponsor discounts, priority access to certain club clinics, club priority registration to Ironman races, access to club gear, and accident insurance coverage through USAT when participating in club events.

How will this impact scheduled events on meetup?

All scheduled events will proceed as planned. Keep an eye on our communications for updates and additional exciting activities.

How can I provide feedback or suggestions about the transition?

We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Click here to contact the board directly if you have any questions about the transition process.

How can I get involved with the new STG?

Join us on this exhilarating journey! Stay tuned for events and activities as we continue to thrive as the Seattle Triathlon Group.

We always welcome volunteers to help with events and activities and anyone interested in joining the STG Board. Click here if you are interested in joining.

Are there changes to sponsorship opportunities?

Sponsorship opportunities remain available and are now open to a broader audience with our expanded regional focus and Public Charity status. Interested sponsors can reach out to us for more information.

When will we see new STG branded merchandise and triathlon kits?

New STG branded merchandise, including triathlon kits, will be unveiled in the coming months. Stay tuned for announcements and updates on our website and social media platforms for the exciting release of our fresh gear.