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Coaching Plan by Cortney Jacobsen: Northwest Energy Lab

Welcome to the off-season! Hi, I’m Cortney. I’m a USAT Level I coach and have been coaching several members of this group for the past 3 years. Athletes consistently tell me that they want to get stronger on the bike, but there are only so many hill repeats you can do before you get bored. When you’re training for a race, you can’t bias too heavily toward your biking without your swimming and running suffering. So, I put together an 8-week bike focus plan for the off season. It’s a perfect time to start and to stay motivated through the winter.
The plan is available on Training Peaks for $149, but SGLTG athletes get a 10% discount with the code SGLTG8BIKE. You will also be invited to join monthly NW Energy Lab workouts (in winter/spring), where you’ll get some one-on-one coaching and will be challenged with a great workout!
You can learn more about me and my coaching style here: http://www.nwenergylab.com/
Feel free to PM Cortney Jacobsen with any questions.