2023 Waiver

It looks like you’re not logged in or haven’t registered and become a paid member… yet!

While we welcome everyone over 18 to join us in our events. As a Non-Paid Member we require that the Non Member Participant Waiver needs to be signed every time for each individual event. Event hosts will have hard copies for you to sign when you arrive at the event. But please sign electronically if possible.

Paid Members will only need to read and sign the Participant Waiver once a calendar year for all the events you attend.

To sign-in as a paid member, please login to your account.

To register the annual membership fee is just $10 and it comes with lots of other perks too!

Registered paid members will have access to:

  • USAT Participation Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Discount Codes to races
  • Discounts with our Sponsors
  • Club Gear Store
  • Discounts at special club clinics
  • Take part in shaping the Club by being a voting member at our Club meetings