We are having issues with our plug-ins. Until this is resolved we suggest that you use directly to see the events hosted by the 2 groups that make up our calendar.

We are partnered with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group (no waivers required for those events) who host running events every day of the week, sometimes even twice a day. This group runs year round, rain or shine, in daylight or in darkness (lights and reflective gear are recommend for safety during the dark winter nights). Check out their meetup page at Seattle Green Lake Running Group most of the OG started out here and came together to create the Triathlon Group.

You can find us at Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group during the summer you can find regular Open Water Swims (OWS) at GLOWS (Green Lake) on the east side at SLOWS (Sammamish Landing) and sometimes other locations. We also offer regular bike rides HTFU (Hills To Fly Up) and usually longer weekend rides. During the winter you can find social gatherings, an occasional outdoor bike ride or two and various other activities.

Participation in SGLTG Meetup Events will require signing the Waiver and Liability Release Form (unless noted otherwise). Paid members only have to do this once a year and you can find the link on your Member Only homepage or on the menu. Non-Paid members will be able to find the online sign-up form in each of the event pages on Meetup.

If you want to learn how to fill out our calendar of events with more events, reach out to our event coordinator to find out how.