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  • Stinky Spoke 2023

    A few of us did the Stinky Spoke Ride today. All of us tried to get up Heart Attack Hill without walking. But in the end, only one was strong enough to make it. Read on to see who made it up the hill!
  • Race Report: 2015 Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico – Erich Knaak

    Well, that was hard… I got to bed later than I would have liked. I went out to a pre-race sushi dinner with the Sound Training and Racing crew and was in bed around 10:00 instead of the planned 8:00. My usual dinner before a race is pizza but sushi is good for you and has ...
  • Race Report: 2014 Challenge Penticton – Alex Hutko

    This was my first ironman. Here’s the condensed race report for triathlon’s 5 disciplines: Swim, bike, run, nutrition, recovery.   Swim- My wetsuit never feels right and always constricts lifting my arms so I take off and put back on the upper part twice. Still sucks. Oh well, I’ll manage. The pros go off first and as ...


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