Board and Leadership Team


President: Ben Sommers

Ben Sommers became SGLTG’s President in Jan 2016 and has been involved in the group since early on when it was formed in 2013. Ben’s love of the group and the triathlon sport will help us make sure this group grows and thrives. Ben is a strong decision maker and rational/fair thinker, which only made it natural for us to pick him as our President of the group. Ben’s focus as President this year is to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness and support for all triathletes of any level to feel comfortable joining an organization that is fun, provides valuable resources, and supports the team. Ben completed his first Iron Man, Iron Man Taiwan in April 2015, followed by his 2nd, Iron Man Arizona, in November 2015. Super happy news: Our favorite running and triathlon couple, Ben Sommers and Amy Yeh are getting married in July 2016!


ScottGaylerVice President: Scott Gayler

Scott Gayler became SGLTG’s Vice President in Jan 2016. He is a huge inspiration to the team, completing his first triathlon in 2013 and then turning around and completing his first Iron Man distance just 2 years later in 2015. Last year, Scott found the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon group one week before the Issaquah triathlon. In his first race with this team (after attending one meetup) he learned what a difference it makes having a team on-course cheering. He ended the race to the cheers not just of his immediate family but to the cheers of his new teammates that have become his extended family.

“I’ve learned that when training with a group I have the ability to push that little bit harder, to go a bit longer. Group training gives you extra accountability. The shared suffering among friends makes it easier to go on that ride or run in horrible weather. One of my favorite things about this team is we stay at the race until everyone finishes their race. I would like to see our club continue to grow its core membership. I believe the key to this is focusing on offering consistent training opportunities for all skill levels and distances. By setting a small number of local races that we set as team “A” races; we will prevent spreading ourselves so thin. Ultimately, this will end up with a more enjoyable race experience for all attending. At the end of it all, this should be fun. Let’s swim, bike, run, and play together and make 2016 an amazing year for Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group.”


ConnieHullTreasurer: Connie Hull

Connie Hull became SGLTG’s Treasurer in Jan 2016. Connie has been involved in SGLTG since early on in the team’s formation. She has dedicated several hours to putting on swims at Green Lake and the Madison Pool, helps lead the sprint distance rides throughout the triathlon season, has manned the SGLTG booths/tents at several races including Seafair, Lake Meredian, and Issaquah Triathlon. She has run several of the Race Previews each year, and shares a tremendous amount of knowledge to new or newer triathletes on how to do transitions, how to prepare for race day, to get through their first, second open water swims, and etc. Connie is an owner of a small growing business which brings to us a great amount of knowledge to fulfill this Treasury position. We are very thankful to have Connie’s time and dedication!


MaryGrowneySecretary: Mary Growney

Mary Growney became SGLTG’s Secretary in Jan 2016. Mary has been involved in SGLTG since the beginning in 2013 when it was just Chris Hatfield’s crazy idea to start a triathlon team in Seattle. She has helped Connie run the Race Previews each year and co-host events where needed. Mary has a strong background in project management and a track record of completing many projects under budget for the past 14 years. Communication is one of her biggest strengths. She’s known for holding herself and her teams to a high standard, for being a great influencer, and holding harmony even in the most taxing situations. Mary has also been involved with a non-profit, all volunteer-run radio station in Seattle called Hollow Earth Radio since 2011 acting as their Publicity lead, helping to provide an outlet to the community. This experience is coming in handy with being the Secretary on the Board. “I care about SGLTG big time. You have all become my family in the Northwest over the past two years and I want to see us continue to shine and rocket.”


FordWalkerCommunications Committee Chair: Ford Walker

Ford Walker became SGLTG’s Communications Committee Chair in Jan 2016. Ford has co-hosted and attended Tai Lee’s famous Tuesday Night Ride: HTFU (Hills To Fly Up)! He has a wicked sense of humor. Not only does Ford do triathlons, he runs up mountains, does crew, and is super into really good beer. He’ll be sending out newsletters (hopefully, we’ll see his sense of humor in them!), post our Team Meeting summaries for those that can’t attend, make sure the Facebook and Twitter feeds are updated, and solicit others for help with these activities. So be sure to help him out.



ElizabethKennedyCommunity Outreach Committee Chair: Elizabeth Kennedy

Elizabeth Kennedy became SGLTG’s Community Outreach Chair in Jan 2016. As an athlete who has participated in triathlon for six years on a very modest income, Elizabeth has a passion for making the sport more accessible for lower-income athletes.  The relationships she is building through her project management program at the University of Washington and the YMCA are invaluable to us. Our first volunteer opportunity with Meredith Matthews YMCA in February 2016 supports Elizabeth goal to make triathlon and YMCA memberships available to families, children and ethnically diverse athletes from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. We are very happy to have Elizabeth fulfill this role as our Community Outreach & Volunteer Chair and want these relationships and opportunities with SGLTG to continue to grow. Our team is meant to provide free group training and support to triathletes of all levels, abilities, and backgrounds. It is part of our mission as a team.


EricFahslMembership Committee Chair: Eric Fahsl

Eric Fahsl became SGLTG’s Membership Committee Chair in Jan 2016. Eric completed his first triathlon in August 2012, having rather little experience in endurance sports.  His previous race was a half marathon in 2006 where he almost broke two hours.  In 2012, Eric found the local triathlon club in Richland, WA and completed his first triathlon – a sprint.  He was completely hooked: “the training, the gear, the strategy, all of it resonated with me.  Later that year I hired a coach and have really found my inner athlete, smashing PRs each year and finding what I can do.  My ultimate goal is to qualify for 70.3 Worlds.  These last four years have transformed my mindset and my lifestyle, and I do not expect it to change anytime too soon… in 2015 I PR’ed in in Olympic (2:26), 70.3 (5:18), and Ironman (11:29) distances.” Eric has helped create the current website (along with Amy) and has created half a dozen Ironman race trackers for SGLTG athletes and friends.  Eric’s goal is to bring his experience, attitude, and knowledge to help other members achieve their triathlon dreams.


LaraNieldTraining Committee Chair: Lara Nield

Lara Nield became SGLTG’s Training Committee Chair in Jan 2016. Lara is a great asset to the SGLTG board. “I love our team, and want nothing more than to see us grow and become even greater. I bring a high level of experience in board positions: I was the Vice President of the Junior Honor Society, as well as the Historian of Mortar Board while in college. I also currently serve as the Secretary of our Home Owners Association. Each of these experiences has taught me different things about how a group should conduct itself, how to best operate, and most importantly, how to get things done. My career (prior to being a mom) was as a kindergarten teacher, so I often joke that I have a degree in group management and organization. Just like everyone else, I maintain a busy schedule, but as a stay at home mom, I have the unique opportunity to take advantage of working hours of the day that others may not have. My vision for our team is to create an organized and well managed activities (training) schedule, increase team camaraderie, create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all triathletes at any skill level, and most of all, HAVE FUN!” Lara has quickly made huge efforts for us for our Training plans, coordinating clinics with our sponsors, holding Training Committee Meetings to work on a Race Calendar and Race Preview dates for 2016, and working on events (swims, bikes, runs, brick workouts, and strength training) to be scheduled throughout the year.


ClaytonFairclothSponsorship & Business Development Committee Chair: Clayton Faircloth

Clayton Faircloth became SGLTG’s Sponsorship Committee Chair in Jan 2016. Clayton came to us from Chicago, completely new the team, but has taken on the brave role of Sponsorship Committee Chair. We are already completely impressed with the work he has done to re-new sponsors, bring on new sponsors, and put together a plan going forward. Thank you for moving here Clayton! “This is all my doctors fault. He scared me into getting more active and now I do triathlons. When I am not training I work in the retail sector and have been lucky enough to work for companies such as FAO Schwarz, Virgin Entertainment and Apple Inc. My background is in Operations, Asset Protection, Logistics and Customer Service. I completed my first Sprint & Olympic distances in 2015 in Chicago while planning to move cross country and most importantly reaching my personal goal of becoming Debt Free. I really want to work with a team as I take the next steps as a multi sport athlete. I survived my first experiences mainly solo, but I really want to be around others who will challenge me and are willing to be challenged. We all excel at different pieces of the puzzle and I want my next events to be a shared experience.” Clayton’s background in Operations, Logistics, and Customer Service has certainly made him an excellent person to fulfill the role of Sponsorship & Business Development Chair (and making sure we have our kits!!!).