Board and Leadership Team

Alex Seguin

Alex Seguin

President: Alex Seguin

Originally from Austin, Texas, Alex Seguin is an avid outdoors enthusiast. Whether it’s camping, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, rock climbing, or triathlons, he loves being outside to enjoy amazing scenery, with great company.

Alex started cycling in 2004 and used swimming as a way to cross train during an active duty Air Force assignment from 2004-2006. At the time, he was looking for an extra edge to prepare for USAF fitness tests. Since 2005, he has completed both Olympic and 70.3 half Ironman triathlons. In 2017, Alex Seguin also completed his first Ironman with 20 other SGLTG members in Cozumel, Mexico.

Alex moved to Seattle last year, and hopes to provide a great experience for those new to the area, and new to triathlons. Whether it’s a Saturday morning run with SGLRG or a bike ride around Mercer with SGLTG, he enjoys socializing with fellow triathletes and can not wait to see you out there training to achieve your goals!


Vice President: Amy Yeh

Amy Yeh became SGLTG’s Vice President in Jan 2017. Amy has been part of the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon since the early days when it was formed in 2013 after catching the bug, completing her first triathlon at Issaquah Tri in 2013. She has since raced and cheered many races. She loves sharing her love of the sport with others so come find her at any of our social events.

Amy is originally from Taiwan and was thrilled to do her first full Ironman at Ironman Taiwan with 6 of her teammates in 2015 with her parents cheering on.


Treasurer: Suzanne Koval

Suzanne Koval became SGLTG’s Treasurer in Jan 2018. Suzanne replaced Lara as Event Coordinator for half of 2017 and is now taking on the role of Treasurer.


Secretary: Yvonne

Yvonne became SGLTG’s Secretary in Jan 2017.


Scott Jozefowski

Scott Jozefowski

Event Coordinator: Scott Jozefowski

Scott Jozefowski became SGLTG’s Event Coordinator in Jan 2018. Scott had been with the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group since April of 2014. He brings a great attitude and huge amounts of motivation to the team, and has been involved in many events and races in that time.

He’s originally from the East Coast, and has been in the Northwest since 2002. His son is a freshman at University of Washington, and when he’s not involved in triathlons, he enjoys hiking, golf, and traveling.

Professionally, he is a retirement consultant, helping employees towards retirement.


Elizabeth Kennedy

Elizabeth Kennedy

Community Outreach Committee Chair: Elizabeth Kennedy

Elizabeth Kennedy joined the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group in 2015 and became Community Outreach Chair in January 2016. She began racing in 2010 and has a passion for supporting athletes who are new to the sport.

Elizabeth is originally from O’ahu, and she relocated to Seattle in 2002. Professionally, she is a digital literacy instructor.


Sponsorship & Business Development Committee Chair: Wismar Medina

Born and raised in between Spain and Venezuela, Wismar is a father of 2 young adults (Melissa 17, Cesar 19), who has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years, lived in 10 cities around the world, with a deep passion for people and life. He currently work for Microsoft with governments around the world. He loves Triathlons and has been racing since 2012. “I’ve been an active member of SGLTG since 2015 and have already benefited from the warmth, care, friendship and passion of its members. Most importantly, I’ve witness many achieve what they thought unthinkable thanks to the support of this group. In my humble opinion, that’s what this sport (and life) is all about. It is an honor to lend my professional skills and experience to help this group continue delivering on its mission.