Candidate Statement – Connie Hull

I’d like to start by saying that as much as I love this club, the friends that I’ve made and the people I’ve helped to be prepared for their first Tri or their next Tri adventure. I’m not 100% sure how I would do serving on the board — I don’t plan on going anywhere […]

Candidate Statement – Lara Nield

I believe that I would be a great asset to the SGLTG board. I love our team, and want nothing more than to see us grow and become even greater. I bring a high level of experience in board positions: I was the Vice President of the Junior Honor Society, as well as the Historian […]

Candidate Statement – Mary Growney

Mary Growney has been involved with SGLTG since it formed in November 2013. I have a strong background in project management and a track record of completing many projects under budget for the past 14 years. In my professional and personal lives, I am known for holding myself and my teams to a high standard, […]

Candidate Statement – Clayton Faircloth

Hi There! This is all my doctors fault. He scared me into getting more active and now I do triathlons. When I am not training I work in the retail sector and have been lucky enough to work for companies such as FAO Schwarz, Virgin Entertainment and Apple Inc. My background is in Operations, Asset […]

Candidate Statement – Ford Walker

Minions! Bow before your new overlord!! I shall take this triathlon club on the path of global domination!!! But first, let me tell a little about myself. Suffering from megalomania and delusions of grandeur, I have decided the best way to overthrow all of the world governments is to raise an army of skilled, elite […]

Candidate Statement – Scott Gayler

In 2013 I completed my first triathlon. I crossed the finish line to the cheers of my immediate family and a few stragglers. Last year, I found the Seattle Green Lake Triathlon group one week before the Issaquah triathlon. In my first race with this team (after attending one meetup) I learned what a difference […]

Candidate Statement – Eric Fashl

Hi, I’m Eric!  I completed my first triathlon in August 2012, having rather little experience in endurance sports.  My previous race was a half marathon in 2006 where I almost broke two hours.  I started casually road cycling around 2008, where I would occasionally cycle with one of my college friends who was training for […]

Candidate Statement – Elizabeth Kennedy

As an athlete who has participated in triathlon for six years on a very modest income, I have a passion for making the sport more accessible for lower-income athletes. I want to see more Native, African, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander faces in the transition areas and on the race courses, and through a project […]